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Romance / Duplicity
[ID 1210]


Movie - Duplicity
Title: Duplicity ( 2009 )
Imdb: 1135487
Runtime: 2.08H
Insite rate: 108
Released: 01/01/2009
Country: Usa germany
In episodes: Clive Owen, Julia Roberts, Tom Wilkinson, Paul Giamatti, Dan Daily, Lisa Roberts Gillan, David Shumbris, Rick Worthy, Oleg Shtefanko, Denis O'Hare, Kathleen Chalfant, Khan Baykal, Thomas McCarthy, Wayne Duvall, Fabrizio Brienza, Lucia Grillo, Carrie Preston, Conan McCarty, Kirby Mitchell, Christopher Denham, Christopher Mann, Seth Kirschner, Karl Bury, Happy Anderson, James Cronin, Esther Pringle, Mary Anne Prevost, Annabel Seymour, Sandy Hamilton, Ulrich Thomsen, Helen Elswit, Samantha Stark, George Aloi, Sakinah Bingham, Robert Bizik, Jackie Brown, Peter Conboy, Timothy J. Cox, Maria Di Angelis, Ashley-Rebekah Faulkner, Cassidy Gard, Ronald E. Giles, Jeff Grossman, Moe Hindi, Emily Kincaid Hughes, Michael Jeremiah, Edgar Jimz, Ralph A. Wilburn Jr., Edward M. Kelahan, Arnold Y. Kim, Steven J. Klaszky, Ashley Klein, Stanley Krajewski, Frosty Lawson, Jason Levinson, Evan Lewis, Pierangeli Llinas, Kimberly Magness, Chris Margaritis, Cristina Marie, Michele Melega, Alexi Melvin, Eliezer Meyer, Christopher Moser, Ivo Nandi, Andrea Osvรกrt, Christopher Peuler, Gina Priano, Lil Rhee, D. Justyn Ryan, Ken Sladyk, Brandon Slagle, Robert T. Striem, Nico Toffoli, Tamara Torres, Ben Van Bergen, Darly Wanatick, Greg Williams
Director: Tony Gilroy
Genres: Romance Thriller

Screenshots of Duplicity:

Duplicity: screen # 0 Duplicity: screen # 1 Duplicity: screen # 2 Duplicity: screen # 3 Duplicity: screen # 4 Duplicity: screen # 5 Duplicity: screen # 6 Duplicity: screen # 7 Duplicity: screen # 8 Duplicity: screen # 9 Duplicity: screen # 10 Duplicity: screen # 11 Duplicity: screen # 12 Duplicity: screen # 13 Duplicity: screen # 14

Available sets:


Language en, 23976 FPS, 6 of channels, codec H.264, video/audio bitrate 6000kb / 640kb, resolution 1280x534. Size 5784MB.


Language en, 23980 FPS, 2 of channels, codec mpeg4, video/audio bitrate 1108kb / 128kb, resolution 624x352. Size 350MB.


Language en, 23976 FPS, 2 of channels, codec H.264, video/audio bitrate 1500kb / 192kb, resolution 852x356. Size 1476MB.


Language en, 23976 FPS, 2 of channels, codec H.264, video/audio bitrate 300kb / 56kb, resolution 480x200. Size 314MB.


Language en, 23976 FPS, 2 of channels, codec XVID, video/audio bitrate 600kb / 128kb, resolution 480x200. Size 620MB.


Language en, 23976 FPS, 6 of channels, codec H.264, video/audio bitrate 10000kb / 640kb, resolution 1920x800. Size 9179MB.

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