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Western / The Searchers
[ID 1556]

The Searchers

Movie - The Searchers
Title: The Searchers ( 1956 )
Imdb: 0049730
Runtime: 1.98H
Insite rate: 124
Released: 13/03/1956
Country: Usa
In episodes: John Wayne, Jeffrey Hunter, Vera Miles, Ward Bond, Natalie Wood, John Qualen, Olive Carey, Henry Brandon, Ken Curtis, Harry Carey Jr., Antonio Moreno, Hank Worden, Beulah Archuletta, Walter Coy, Dorothy Jordan, Pippa Scott, Patrick Wayne, Lana Wood, Pipe Line Begishe, Exactly Sonnie Betsuie, Danny Borzage, Ruth Clifford, Tommy Doss, Pete Grey Eyes, Feather Hat Jr., Nacho Galindo, Chuck Hayward, Jack Tin Horn, Harry Black Horse, Away Luna, Robert Lyden, Cliff Lyons, Peter Mamakos, Mae Marsh, Frank McGrath, Bob Many Mules, Jack Pennick, Lloyd Perryman, Chuck Roberson, Smile White Sheep, Many Mules Son, Percy Shooting Star, William Steele, Chief Thundercloud, Terry Wilson, Billy Yellow
Director: John Ford
Genres: Adventure Drama Western

Screenshots of The Searchers:

The Searchers: screen # 0 The Searchers: screen # 1 The Searchers: screen # 2 The Searchers: screen # 3 The Searchers: screen # 4 The Searchers: screen # 5 The Searchers: screen # 6 The Searchers: screen # 7 The Searchers: screen # 8 The Searchers: screen # 9 The Searchers: screen # 10 The Searchers: screen # 11 The Searchers: screen # 12 The Searchers: screen # 13 The Searchers: screen # 14

Available sets:


Language en, 23980 FPS, 1 of channels, codec h264, video/audio bitrate 2090kb / 271kb, resolution 1280x692. Size 1642MB.


Language en, 23980 FPS, 2 of channels, codec mpeg4, video/audio bitrate 1356kb / 128kb, resolution 624x352. Size 700MB.


Language en, 23980 FPS, 2 of channels, codec h264, video/audio bitrate 1667kb / 160kb, resolution 852x462. Size 962MB.


Language en, 29970 FPS, 2 of channels, codec flv, video/audio bitrate 732kb / 32kb, resolution 400x300. Size 481MB.


Language en, 24000 FPS, 1 of channels, codec h264, video/audio bitrate 128kb / 2535kb, resolution 592x336. Size 299MB.


Language en, 23980 FPS, 6 of channels, codec h264, video/audio bitrate 128kb / 2535kb, resolution 1920x1032. Size 6636MB.


Language en, 25000 FPS, 1 of channels, codec h264, video/audio bitrate 128kb / 2535kb, resolution 640x352. Size 700MB.

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